Dr. Tony Wong

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Dr. Tony Wong

Dr. Tony Wong needed a clean, upscale, distinctive office that would attract clients from Microsoft's main campus-located just up the street. Dark wood, contrasting walls, glass shelves, custom displays and a strict ban on clutter gave this office a sleek and modern feel that is perfect for enticing Microsoft Techies and civilians alike. Sandblasting the glass not only lent the shelves a sophisticated look but also took care of the dust problem that can sometimes be an issue with glass. Curvy countertops provided a hint of softness next to the stark lines of the cabinetry and shelves and coordinated beautifully with the soffit above. The optical gets rave reviews from across the board!

Ennco provided: Interior Design Services, build and installation of displays, fixtures & cabinetry

Display Style: Mixture of several styles for a custom look.

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