Triplex Rotaries

Rotating Eyewear Display Systems for Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

Triplex displays are the best way to show more inventory in less space. Clear acrylic displays rotate smoothly to show 3 times as many frames as a single rod or strip. For instance, in a typical 22" cabinet, you could display 84 frames, at 32" you could show 126, and in 43" an amazing 168 frames can be merchandised with style. In fact, this is the ideal way to display third-party frames. Show intense inventory as efficiently as possible on triplex rotaries, leaving more room around the dispensary to effectively merchandise your premium eyewear. Most of our display cases can be fitted with Triplex units, and we outfit them with special lighting to add sparkle and shine to the frames.

We advise alternating Triplex displays with rods, glass shelves or track systems to add interest and variety. We can include them when we do a design & build job for you...or we can retrofit them into existing spaces.

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