Frequently Asked Questions


Damaged Shipments

The carrier delivering merchandise to you is responsible for loss and damages.  Acceptance of the shipment by the transportation company is acknowledgment that the merchandise delivered to them for shipping was in good condition and properly packaged.  There are two types of damage you need to check for:

Visible Damage:
1.    Have delivery person note on freight bill the nature and extent of damages.
2.    Notify Ennco Display Systems, Inc. of the situation.

Concealed Damage:
1.    If damage is noticed when merchandise is unpacked, notify Ennco Display Systems Customer Service Department.
2.    Do not destroy or discard any packing materials until the shipment is inspected and you are specifically instructed to do so by the transportation company.

Please Note:  We should be notified of all damages immediately.  We will report the damages to the freight company.  We will also be able to help trace any missing shipments or portions thereof.

Exchanges and Returns

Exchanges:  In an effort to give you the greatest design flexibility, any goods approved for exchange involving an equal or greater value are not subject to re-stocking charges.  We must be notified prior to goods being sent for exchange.  Exchanges must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods.

Returns:  Any goods approved for return purposes are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.  Returns must be within 30 days.  Custom manufactured items are not eligible for return.  Any returns are accepted only with prior approval.

All shipments returned for credit (when company error and/or faulty goods are not involved) may be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.  Any items accepted for exchange or return must be received in the same condition as originally shipped and must be shipped freight prepaid.

Should you notice any discrepancies or faulty goods associated with your order, call us immediately for assistance.

Product Cleaning

Plastics:  To clean your acrylic products, use mineral spirits or water only.  Do not use alcohol or acetone based cleaners, these chemicals will permanently cloud the plastic.  Dusting with a feather duster is sufficient for touch up cleaning.  Frames do not have to be removed for feather dusting, therefore saving time and energy.

Metal Rods: The exterior of a Metal Secure Display System may only be cleaned with a non-static brush. It has no user serviceable parts. All malfunctional or damaged components are to be returned to Ennco Display Systems, Inc. for repair or replacement.

Furniture Products:  All our natural wood furniture items are stained and sealed.  Use furniture polish on surfaces to retain luster.  All furniture items covered with plastic laminate may be cleaned using non-abrasive countertop cleaning solutions (i.e. Windex, 409 etc.).

Colored Rod:  Buff any spots or scratches with a non-soap scouring pad.  For cleaning and polishing, use furniture polisher (i.e. Endust).

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