Locking Displays

Locking Eyewear & Sunglass Display Cases

Shrinkage is a term that is used in the retail industry to describe theft, or loss, of merchandise. In the mid 80's, one of our clients in British Columbia was experiencing a 10-12% loss of high-end frames and sunglasses in their stores. When they approached us to describe the problem, they were already at wits end. To try to solve the problem, they had used glass counter showcases and wall mounted glass cabinets only to find that restricting the "touching" access to frames was causing a loss of sales at a level that was greater than their theft rate. Ennco Display worked for months with this client to examine not only the merchandising aspect of the problem, but also the psychology of the point of sale. In the end, we created the first individually locked secure plastic display for the industry. Since then, Ennco has been the trusted provider of locking systems for display of your sunglass and eyewear inventory.  Ask us about locking cases and systems for your optical practice or retail store - so that you can showcase your eyewear products with comfort. Effective locking eyewear holders and frame displays may be the solution you need to protect and properly sell your optical inventory.

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