Countertop Eyewear & Sunglass Displays

As we began our product developments, it became apparent that not all viewing angles on shelves are the same. Some shelves are in "under counter" displays, some are "on the counter" and others are mounted closer to eye level. It became apparent that displays like the ShowOff™ were best suited for eye level viewing where the frame was seen more "front on". We then began looking for ways to maximize the number of frames viewed, while changing the angle of the presentation. Our first venture into this new arena was the Angler™. We created two versions so that we could address steep angles need for under counter viewing and also straight on viewing needed on tops or above counter level. Mix and match with bases in clear, white, black and even neon if you are adventurous.

This product adds the flexibility of the Angler™ with a lower approach angle the aesthetically fills counter space.

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