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The Importance of Window Shoppers!

You always want your space to be looking its best, but do you pay attention to what customers see when they are walking past and looking into your store? Do your windows show the personality of your space while also displaying some of your best frames? If not then this blog is for you. We will discuss some tips and tricks to keep your space looking fresh and give you techniques to fill some of that window space with frames. 

How do you present yourself?

‘Window Shoppers’ are customers who walk past your store and decide to go in based on how it looks from the outside. These shoppers usually stop because something catches their eye. Whether a big yellow sign for a sale or a graphic display of your products, the outside of your space is a huge opportunity to bring customers in. No matter where your space is, windows can help you draw in a crowd. If your office is in a high foot-traffic area then having the outside look great is even more important.  

Pull them in!

No matter how big or how small your windows are, they present an opportunity to pull customers into your store. What they see in the window as they walk past can either be one of the millions of things they forget that day, or it could change where they get their glasses. There are multiple different ways to make your windows work for you. One of the best ways to get people into your store is having graphic advertisements and displays in your window. Give them a sneak preview of what you have in the rest of your space, and don’t be afraid to put some of your best frames in the window. You want to draw people in, give them something exciting and beautiful to look at. Along with making it look attractive you want to give them a glimpse of what else they might see in the store. Think about your windows as a one second movie trailer for your space. What are the highlights you want to hit? What do people need to know about your space? When deciding what to put in your windows, ask yourself these important questions.

Be helpful, not invasive!

Once you have the customer in your store it is time to turn on the sales engine. Remember, this is the first time they have been in your space so give them a good first impression.  Approach them with a warm greeting and ask if there is anything they are looking for. There is a fine line between keeping your frames safe from thieves and making all your customers uncomfortable. If they say they are just browsing take a step back and let them browse. If they want help, provide it to them. Few things cause customers to leave your store faster than you standing right behind them and looking over their shoulder.   

Turn them into a customer for life! 

From the moment your customer walks into your space they will be making mental notes about what they like and what they don’t like. Sometimes they won’t even realize its happening. From how your staff treats them to how your frames are displayed, your customers take in a lot more than you would think. Not every situation is in your control. Control what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t. Establish a relationship with them. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Not only will this help you sell to them today, it also sets up future visits. Give them something to remember you by and do your best to remember something about them. Even just a simple personality trait or physical feature goes a long way in helping you remember clients.  

The way your space looks on the outside is really important to gain new walk-in customers. When someone new enters your office be sure to make them feel welcome and provide them with the information they need. Give them a great experience and you may have made a customer for life. Using these tips you will be able to effectively bring new customers into your store and keep them coming back for more!

Create your dynamic display today!

One of the current trends in retail is the application of mixed use displays throughout your space. Having mixed use displays means you don’t just have a bunch of racks lined up showing products. You have a mixture of many kinds of displays ranging from rods or frame holders to large floor-to-ceiling displays and everything in between. A great way to bring some diversity to your displays is the application of shelves. Shelves are incredibly versatile and have the ability to seamlessly blend into just about any space, while also giving you plenty of space to display frames, literature or anything else that helps your practice run.   


Shelves are one of the most versatile display surfaces you have access to in your space. They can hold just about anything and be attached on any wall or flat vertical surface. Shelves are a great way to show the personality of your space or display your products in an attractive and accessible way. Shelves can be used to compliment cabinetry, elevate your frames to eye level and help you bring attention to a specific set of frames. Shelving can also work as a great contrast to the rest of your display units if you are using a lot of rods or other similar display types. Even though shelves can be used just about anywhere be sure to not overuse the shelves in your space.       

Sometimes less is more

Not every inch of your space needs to be displaying frames. Having plenty of frames on display is important, but you don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Finding the right balance between products, promotional materials, and personal items can be a never-ending process. Stacking your shelves full of frames is good for showing a lot of inventory, but it makes it more challenging for customers to fall in love with one specific frame. Knowing when to stack a shelf with product and when to have just a simple place holder is paramount to keeping your space looking its best. Don’t be afraid to change it up and try new things constantly. Shelving gives you the opportunity to change your mind daily, use this to your advantage and put your personal touch on display.          

Don’t be afraid to make it unique

Sometimes that shelf space can be a way to show customers your personal flair and help you stand out from your competition. Having some personal art or knick-knacks can give your space the level of comfort and personality you want when your customers are browsing your products. The more comfortable they feel in your space the more likely they are to buy something and return when they need something in the future. Give your clients a way to remember your space and the positive experience they had while visiting your office. Try putting something unique on your shelves. It does not necessarily have to be optometry related. This is a great way to bring some color into your space and let your personality show. Speaking of showing, don’t let your shelves get lost in all your other displays, light it up with our new bright idea below.       

Light up your shelves with the new Indus Shelf System

The Indus is a metal framed shelf with frosted glass that features up and down facing lighting, which creates the perfect lighting environment for frames from above and below. Whether standing alone or combined with countertop display units, the Indus can provide the visual merchandising to take any space to the next level. This brand-new shelf system is the perfect addition to any space. The lit shelves are sure to help your frames get the attention they deserve. The Indus illuminates your space and gives you an elegant platform to put your best frames forward.

Sentry Locking Peg (Left) on Indus Lit Shelving System (Left & Right)

Worry about theft on shelves no longer

One of our new solutions for theft is the Sentry, which is an individual locking peg system for eyeglasses. It is designed to fit the style and aesthetic of any space while giving the user peace of mind that their frames are secure. With frame theft on the rise in recent years, the Sentry can be yet another tool in the arsenal of any savvy practice. The Sentry comes in two versatile configurations, the peg configuration and the shelf configuration. The peg configuration is used for holding frames on a wall mounted panel while the shelf configuration is great for any shelving surface present in the space. Each configuration can be unlocked with Ennco’s double sided key allowing staff to have full access to either display while only needing to carry one key.  

Overall shelving can be one of the most effective yet under-utilized displays you can put in your space. Whether it’s just a simple glass configuration or a self-lit design, shelving can give your frames the space they need to stand out. Traditionally shelves are vulnerable to theft but with the addition of The Sentry you can put your mind at ease that your frames will be protected. Shelving gives you the opportunity to show your own personality and style, take advantage!

Time to Clear the Clutter!

Spring Cleaning and Organization Tips for Your Space

ennco optical space design, ennco design services, optical space remodel

Is your space starting to feel crowded? Are those papers starting to completely eclipse your desk? It might be time for some spring cleaning! No matter what size or shape your office is the clutter of the past year seems to always have a way of piling up on you. Use some of these tips to help clean up your space and keep it looking its best.

Organize your customer pick-ups:

If your office has a high volume of patients each day, subsequently you will have a lot of pick-ups from patients who have ordered glasses and contact lenses. It becomes quite a difficult task when you have hundreds of orders to keep track of. Even if your volume is much smaller, organization is paramount. Keeping a system that is neat and tidy is incredibly important but even more important is the ability and willingness of your staff to follow the system. Devise a system that everyone can easily follow and interact with. One way to achieve this is to keep all of your orders in one place, and in a color coded or alphabetical systems that gives your staff quick and accurate access to the materials they need. Something that can help with this is an Ennco RX bag system that fits right into your cabinet. Gone are the days of looking back and forth through crowded boxes and filing cabinets. Say hello to more efficient order distribution and a simple but effective solution for your staff. 

contact lens bag storage, eyewear frame order storage, eyewear organization, lab storage
Ennco RX Bag System

Keep drawers and cabinets organized:

Keeping track of so many frames and lenses is a daunting task especially when they are constantly moving around. Keeping your drawers organized will not only show your professionalism, but will also let customers know you truly care about every aspect of your business. Some easy ways to keep drawers organized is through the use of Trays and Pads. These products can easily be used in almost any drawer and can simply be lifted from a drawer to go from an organization tool to a presenting tool.     

array of optical frame trays, eyewear presentation trays, sunglass storage

Countertop Space:

Your countertops can be some of your most effective advertising platforms. Customers often have to spend at least a few minutes at the front desk on their way in and on their way out. Give them something to look at that isn’t a stack of papers or an office plant. Use all of the space that you have. Countertop Displays can be a game changer when it comes to selling frames. Just one of these great compact displays can be the difference between making a sale and having your customer “find them cheaper online”. Give them a glimpse of what they could be walking out with as soon as they step through the door. Let them create a connection with that luxury frame so when it comes time to pick out a frame they already have one in mind.   

Keep your space open and easy to move around in:

Having a space where people feel comfortable and invited is important in order to create an atmosphere they want to buy products in. Even the most inviting and attractive space can suffer from crowding and a feeling of limited mobility. Give your customers the chance to move around your space and let them see all the frames you have to offer. One way to give your space an open feel is to keep walkways and areas in front of frames clear of debris and bulky furniture that aren’t helping you sell product. That grand chest of drawers or large cabinet may look nice but it is also taking up valuable space that you could be displaying frames in. Another way to keep your space feeling open and less stagnant is to have Freestanding Displays that can be easily moved. Whether they have wheels or are light and easy to lift, having versatile displays gives your space a whole new dimension. With freestanding and movable displays you can always switch up your space to fit your need that day. Need more space to dispense frames? Just move that rotary off to the corner. Having a sale on a certain type of frame? Make them front and center when your customers walk through the door.    

Always store your visible products in an organized and attractive fashion:

Something that customers crave when going into a healthcare space is the peace of mind that they will be well taken care of. They trust you with the care of their eyes, and that can be frightening for some people. Giving them peace of mind not only makes them a more pleasant patient, but also increases your chances of a return visit. Along with the professional manor of your staff, the look and organization of your space goes a long way in shaping their opinion. It’s important that customers see that you take great care of the products you are selling them. Keeping frames in a plastic bag or a cardboard box can go a long way in shaping a negative opinion your client has about a particular frame. You also don’t want to take too long to go and retrieve a frame from the back. This could give the illusion that you have to go and find it or that it was buried with the rest of the old products nobody buys.  Keeping them well organized and easily accessible shows clients that you are giving them a quality product that you have close at hand. One way you can be sure you are presenting those frames the best way is to use presenting trays when showing them to customers. Tuxedo Trays are a stylish yet cost effective way of presenting your frames to clients.

Keeping your space clean and well organized is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your customers coming back. If you show them that you take care of all aspects of your business, no matter how small, they will be reassured the care they are getting is first-rate. Make sure your staff is set up with the right tools to provide your customers with the highest level of service possible. Always keep your space open and accessible for your clients so they feel comfortable to purchase your products. Maximize your countertop space by displaying frames and not just today’s papers or that wilted office plant. Always keep your visible inventory in something that compliments their style and elegance. From the moment your client steps through your doors they should feel calm and confident with the care they are about to receive. The look and feel of your office goes a long way in shaping their perceptions and what they will remember about their visit. Give them something to tell their friends about!

DESK-orate your space!

No dispensary is complete without dispensing tables and a reception desk that works for you and your staff. Your clients will likely interact with your staff more at your dispensing tables and reception desk than anywhere else in your space. Make sure they look great and work even better!

Urban Eye Care of Kirkland

Your dispensing tables are important pieces in your optical environment. It is where you close the sale, where you get up close and personal with your customers. In addition to serving as a customer service spot, your dispensing tables and chairs should add beauty to your optical space. All of our table designs do just that. Do you prefer a sleek, tech style, a traditional wood look or something in-between? We offer several options with different leg styles, multiple tabletop shapes and a wide variety of colors. We bring a modern twist to optical dispensary design with contemporary furniture, desks, fitting tables and more. Ennco is your one stop shop for all dispensing needs – from design to build.

See All of our Dispensing Table Options Here:

Image is the driving force behind marketing of your practice, and nothing creates a professional office image more than the reception desk.  Creating the “patient experience” at the reception desk is critical, but so too is the personnel experience of those serving your clientele.  Warming and inviting to patients, structured and efficient for staff.  The combination of these two command functions require serious thought for shape, location, orientation, number of staff in the workspace, files, paper storage, wire management, electrical locations and satisfying critical ADA requirements.   


There are two thought processes used for reception desks and each has advantages and disadvantages.  The first approach is for a desk to be “built in place”.  The advantage of this type of construction is that you avoid shipping a large and significant item for your office.  Typically, your general contractor will either use a finish carpenter to “stick build” the reception face and use drywall material on the front to complete this type of construction.  Once the wall structure is formed, a local cabinet maker needs to be called to take “on site, as built dimensions” to then do drawings, produce cabinets, create templates for counters and install them into the on-site front wall.  While this process works and with an extremely simple desk might be a bit less expensive, it can create potential delays between contractor and cabinet maker as well as possible issues with dimensions since both portions were not under the control of the cabinet maker. 

The second approach to reception desks is to have the designer/manufacturer of the desk build it out completely.  In this scenario, the wall structure that would typically contain internal wire management for above and below counter electrical installation is manufactured in the same facility as the “command side” of the desk.  All the parts and pieces can be assembled onsite and still give the look of being “built in”.  The tolerances are much tighter, and the production is much more efficient than trying to build something “one off” in a building where other tradesmen might be working.  Using this approach also allows the desk to be built “semi-finished”, but still have the same benefits.  The semi-finished approach means that the face of the desk could have a “portion” or all of it left unfinished.  This allows the contractor onsite to apply stonework, tile or other finishes to the face or insets that add drama to the overall finish of the desk.  These types of finishes add significant weight in shipping and are best applied in the field.  Of course, most reception desks do not require or even warrant this type of treatment.  Most desks utilize a combination of laminate colors to give a similar effect and keep the costs to a minimum.

No matter what kind of desk you are looking for Ennco has the expertise and experience to help you get it done. Take a look of our portfolio of past jobs to see some of the spaces we have transformed through the use of our custom reception desks and other great displays. Not sure exactly what you want? Give us a call and someone from our design team would be happy to work with you! 425-883-1650.

Utilizing the Underdog! | Countertop Eyewear Displays

Utilizing the Underdog! | Countertop Eyewear Displays

We’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while now, but somehow something always comes up that seems “more interesting” so this gets pushed to the back burner. It is comically fitting for the topic of this post to be countertop displays, because that is often how they are perceived (“less important”). Countertop displays are usually overlooked when designing a new space or thinking about the overall environment for an optical store design. They are the “underdog” of the display world and yet they are incredibly useful to create a versatile and easily changeable display in the ever-changing world of retail. Hence the topic of this post…utilizing the underdog!

As mentioned countertop displays are often overlooked, but they are a great point of purchase marketing machine that utilizes space that would otherwise be wasted! Although we could spend this entire post just sharing ideas of how to use countertop displays, we will only be mentioning a few as well as give you some ideas to think outside the box!

Displaying frame lines, making a last-minute sale at the reception counter, or taking advantage of countertop space on a dispensing table…the possibilities are endless!

Changeability: As I am sure you have heard before it is important to change up your displays, and often! Patients do not want to see the same thing every time they come into your office. Countertop displays are very versatile, movable, and interchangeable making them the perfect display for something new and exciting!

Knockdown capabilities: Newer onto the countertop display scene is the idea of our Ice Cube displays. They create opportunities that standard displays would not. Opportunities like easy storage when you sell all your frame inventory or compactibility for travel to events like tradeshows or client meetings.

Utilization of lower shelves and counters: A common misconception is that lower shelves and counters are off limits for displaying frames, when that is simply not true! There are many styles of countertop displays that thrive in that environment. Displays like the Low Angler or Pediment showcase the frames in an upward angle, presenting the product to the patient with ease.

However, keep in mind that countertop space isn’t just for eyewear displays. Counters can also be a great place to strategically place a mirror or point of purchase sign with marketing materials.

Think outside the box!
Get creative, think outside the box, and accessorize with things you wouldn’t expect. For example,…fall is coming up so let’s create a display around that! Imagine this, you have a floating glass shelf system in your window and you utilize a countertop display to showcase the frames (something like the Tray Elegante) and you accessorize by placing fall leaves, pine cones, and a mini pumpkin next to the display. This creates a unique environment for the display that draws the customer’s eye to the frames.

Even in the exam room there is a use… where do your patients put their glasses during their eye exam? Do they just set them on your counter? If the answer is yes, then you have the perfect opportunity to place something simple (like a single ShowOff) in the room for them to set their glasses on during the appointment. Similarly, this same idea works for hairdressers, massage therapists, and many other service industry providers who require their patients or clients to remove their eyewear. Adding this simple “luxury” for your patients shows that you care about their experience and it sets you apart from all the rest!

Think about your resale possibilities! Where do your patients set their glasses at night when they go to sleep? 9 times out of 10 they set them on their night side table…just think about the potential for scratching, crushing, or simply misplacing them when they don’t have a “home”. An easy fix for this would be a small countertop display (like the Tray Elegante Single) sitting on their nightstand. Or if they have multiple pairs of glasses in different colors and a ton of different sunglasses, there are many options for bulk storage as well! Things like Tuxedo Trays to put into a dresser drawer, a SpecSaver or Seattle Slim to put into a closet, or even a countertop rotary for the patient who has a different pair of frames for every occasion. Instead of purchasing these displays from big box retailers where the varieties and styles are very limited, give your patients the opportunity to purchase them from you! You purchase them from us, then resell them to your patients…it’s a win win for everyone!

Countertop displays come in many different shapes and sizes, chances are you will be able to find the perfect combination to suit your needs as well as the needs of your patients! They are a small investment with a big impact!

Take your displays to the counterTOP!

Countertop display units come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used almost anywhere in your space and they serve many different functions. Some display frames, others display paperwork and literature, while some display little knick knacks or art pieces that give your space personality. No matter what you are using them for, countertop units are one of the best ways to maximize the space in your office.      

Types of displays: As mentioned countertop displays come in a very wide assortment. Some of the most common examples of traditional countertop units are acrylic frame riserstrays, and rotaries. Each of these displays has their own advantages and specialties that can help you maximize your space and display all of the frames you need.   

countertop displays, eyewear displays, ennco frame displays

How to effectively use these displaysAcrylic frames risers are typically used to display frames that clients are encouraged to pick up and try on. The open design makes them great for displaying frames you want your customers to see and feel. Place these in high traffic areas or where the majority of your clients walk around. The more customer that see them, the more opportunity you have to sell them. One of our most popular frame risers is the Tray Elegante because it creates an open and elevated display environment.

acrylic frame riser, frame display, countertop frame display

Trays can be used in many different ways, here are the most common. The first is just simply for displaying frames on a shelf or under a cabinet. This can be a great way to keep smaller lines of frames all in the same place for easy browsing. This can also be a great way to introduce lines of frames or types of frames to your clients. One of the other main uses is to bring specific frames to customers in your office, exam lanes, or anywhere else in your space. Bringing frames in an elegant tray vs bringing it up by hand can make all the difference when explaining the value of those frames. Customers will be much more inclined to go for the higher value pair if they see the care and consideration you put into keeping those frames in good condition. Check out all of our trays and pads here.   

eyewear frame tray, eyewear display, optical tray

Countertop rotaries are effective at helping you showcase a large number of frames in a relatively small amount of space. Having a good-looking rotary in your space is a great way to pull attention of shoppers and creates a centerpiece for the top of shelves or counters. This can help when they are trying to narrow down what kind of frame they are looking for and the style that would work best for them. See what kind of cases and rotaries we have for you.         

Where to put them: The simple answer to this is anywhere you want! Because of the versatility and typically smaller size of countertop units they can go just about anywhere in your space. Don’t be afraid to create an entire display of your own using multiple countertop units and the existing shelving in your space. Get creative when thinking about where to put them. Ask yourself: where do my customers go when they are in the office? Where do I want them to go? How can I use my existing space in combination with countertop displays to show my clients what I want them to see?

Overall the use of countertop displays can transform your space from bare shelves and empty tables to a space where every inch is maximized to sell glasses and help patients. We have many great options to help you with what we discussed above. Check out all of our countertop options!

Romanticize Your Space!


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, our thoughts turn to romance. Flowers, cards, chocolate! Those images occupy our thoughts and most of the stores we enter. The appeal of this manufactured holiday is that buying flowers, chocolate, and cards will create more romance in our lives. Romance, however, can go beyond flowers, cards, and chocolate. The space and environment we spend our time in and where we conduct our business can also become a source of romance. I would like to use this post to explore several ideas on how you can make your space fresher, more appealing, maybe even more romantic!


A fresh look can be the allure of a new accessory, the process of trying different things, or the tempting appeal of new spaces.


Each of these ideas can be used to make your optical space more appealing. Adding a new accessory can bring a new focus to a particular display. The SpecRest, a new countertop display by Ennco, comes in several sizes, and can be used either singly or in a group for adding a fresh look to a shelf, counter, or window. Other ideas are adding a special item to group a set of frames around, rearranging your existing frames to highlight particular ones, or removing some of the frames temporarily to bring more focus to the ones that remain.



Graphics are another way to add interest to the space. How long have those posters been on the wall? Have you talked with your frame reps about new graphics? Getting new graphics and installing them in a light box on the wall, or hanging in the window can spark a new interest in your space. The people at Ennco can help you create each of these options and offer other ideas to add, change, or adjust your graphics and signage.


Windows are your eyes to the world. Whether it is rearranging your window, adding a new box or graphic, or completely redesigning the window display; the impression created can bring romance back to your space. Don’t have a lot of window space. Let the designers at Ennco help you design a series of lit Face Frame Boxes to create a window look on one or more of your walls.

Trying something new or different often seems like a huge endeavor. Like most of us, it is easy to get into an established routine that we become comfortable with and the idea of change seems very daunting. The ideas presented here can be done in a series of small steps that can result in increased interest, appeal, and even romance for your space.

I encourage you to do something this month to change your space. Change your counterwindow, or wall. Use one of the ideas from this post or contact the Ennco team to help you romanticize your optical space.



Lock Up Your Frames

Every day it seems that we see Facebook or LinkedIn posts related to theft of eyewear in optical shops all around the world.  Well, Ennco Display Group wants to help you lock up your frames as well as lock down some savings for the holiday and year end.

Lock Up Your Year-End Tax Deductions

IRS rules for 2017 allow you take advantage of year-end tax deductions in several ways…and this is a great time to do it!  Under Section 179 expensing, you can elect to deduct “removable” personal property expenses up to $500,000 if your total acquisitions are less than $2,010,000.  (I don’t know any of us that will get to use this one!).  The rest of us can use the “new repair regulations” that allow you to expense “removable” personal property under the De Minimus rule up to $2,500 per item/invoice.  This rule covers things like small tools and equipment such as “DISPLAYS”.  If the items are “put into service” (screwed into the wall!) before Dec 31st, 2017 you should be able to use them as a tax deduction! ** Everyone has a different tax situation. Check with your own accountant to determine your best year end options. **

At Home with Ennco

Did you know Ennco can outfit your dispensary as well as your home? Anywhere you need to display, store or keep your glasses frames safe we have the solutions for you!  

Easy Access

Are you tired of looking all over for your glasses? Give them their own display in your closet, hallway, mudroom, garage and anywhere else you need eyewear! We have a multitude of options for you to choose from. Try one of our wall displays to give you easy access to your frames no matter where you need them. Our metal rods are a great way to get a lot of frames in a small amount of space. We also have countertop rotaries available.    


Wall Eyewear Displays


Along with easy access you want your frames to be organized and tidy. Do you have too many frames and nowhere to put them? Try one of our great wall or countertop items that will transform your collection of frames into a neat and organized system. These displays are great for collectors or anyone who wants to display a lot of frames in an orderly and attractive way.   

Keep them safe

Keeping your frames organized is a great way to keep them safe but not everyone needs full displays. Do you have delicate frames that need a bit of extra padding? Try one of our tray and pad options to give you the peace of mind that your frames will stay protected when you are not wearing them. We have a wide range of sizes for our trays, and two color options.  Our popular Tuxedo Tray is great for any area, big or small. Protect your frames with ultra-soft satin and felt!   

Ennco has all the displays you need to make your home the perfect place to store and display your eyewear collection. We have many style and colors to choose from, give us a call or visit our website today to see our full line of dispensary and at home products!

Add Space by Investing in a Starter Media Fixture

We love being able to host guest writers on our blog and we are very pleased to share a post written for us by Bridget Gaddis owner and lead architect for Gaddis Architect.

Add Space by Investing in a Starter Media Fixture.
By: Bridget Gaddis (post can also be found on Gaddis Architect)

Helping Retailers Succeed – Most every year the Small Business Development Center, in my case locally in Virginia, puts on an event designed to help retailers succeed.  I usually attend.  This year’s event was The Alexandria Experiential Retail Summit, experiential being the operative word.  Most of the discussion centered around primary marketing and selling communications, which are important, but only indirectly relevant to the design of a physical store.

Demonstrating Knowledge – Interestingly, when we broke into discussion groups more significant design issues were revealed.  In particular the need for flex space.  Retailers are finding it necessary to become experts.  Clients expect them to be masters of their particular product or service and further customers prefer to see this knowledge demonstrated, to the extent that a retailer must often become an educator.  One such resort type fashion retailer wanted to offer a mini class on how a particular brand of scarf might be worn to best advantage.  She assumed that this was impossible as she was “out of space” in her shop.

Retailers Sometimes Need Reminding – Clearly retailers occasionally need reminding that almost all floor fixtures can be mobile and mobility frees up valuable retail space within a store.  Simply by adding casters and rolling away some regular floor fixtures this owner, hoping to demonstrate how to tie her line of scarves, could easily free up enough space to stage and event featuring her product.


Invest in a Starter – Another, not to be overlooked, design issue is flexibility.  Indeed, there is a need for a highly adaptive store fixture suitable for use in many varied sets of circumstances, including options for accommodating the all important media.  This one is able to accommodate everything from a continuous video in a loop, to presentation options used to enhance a demonstration, to a basic TV in a waiting area.  It has vertical standards that can be used for shelving, a platform base for a computer, if required, and a simple backdrop made of glass or other merchandise display material like pegboard.  In addition to all this it is two sided, mobile, and has space to hide most cables.  It is a great starter for any retailer wanting to incorporate media and create that “WOW“ moment.


Bridget Gaddis, is a Licensed Architect and LEED Accredited Professionnal practicing nationally, and locally in the Washington DC area. She holds professional degrees in both Architecture and Interior Design and has a comprehensive background in commercial retail design, planning and construction.  She has many years experience working for well known architects, developers and retailers.  In 2011 she started Gaddis Architect an independent practice in Alexandria, VA.  In addition, Ms. Gaddis has an interest in residential projects and is the author of “Real People Don’t Hire Architects,” a blog about houses.

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