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Lewis Lim OD

Dr. Lim is always looking to be at the forefront of the industry when it comes to his offices. That desire is not just limited his work with patients, he also likes to keep his practices filled with the newest displays and latest products. In his third office rebuild entrusted to Ennco, Dr. Lim was looking to outfit his new practice with top of the line displays and lighting solutions to help him stand out. With a new Google building scheduled to be built next door Dr. Lim wanted to ensure his practice was modern and filled with the latest in displays and visual merchandising solutions. 

One of the ways we were able to provide him with cutting edge fixtures was the use of custom lighting. Designing him an under-lit reception desk that can change color and set the mood in his space was a highlight! Along with custom ceiling bars, which are lighting panels recessed into the ceiling to give the overhead lighting a modern and clean appearance.    

In order to provide Dr. Lim with the latest and greatest displays we selected two of our brand new products The Sentry, an individual locking peg, and The Indus, an LED-lit shelf system. Dr. Lim was interested in The Sentry to make sure some of his higher end frames were secure from thieves while still keeping the bulk of his frames open and fully accessible by patients. We also combined our Sentry locking peg with our Indus shelf system to help his frames pop in the space.

Through the use of lighting and brand new products Dr. Lim will be at the forefront of visual merchandising solutions for years to come. 

Ennco provided: Dispensary Design, Frame Displays and Fixtures, Reception Desk, Dispensing Tables, Exam Rooms, Tech Station, Business Office, Custom Filling System in Business Office and Exam Rooms.      

Laminate Colors Used in the Space 
- Wilsonart Skyline Walnut: Wall Panels, Reception Desk Base, Cabinets, & Backroom Casework
- Pionite Negotiating in Geneva: All Countertops 

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