Laminate Panels with Shelf Packages

Our panel shelving systems are designed to give you maximum flexibility whether you desire to show frames “Flat” or “Elevated” on counter displays.  Since all shelves are not created equal, we designed some for use with counter displays and point of purchase marketing materials.  Our Tray Elegante, Showoff and Angler displays are perfectly suited to maximize the number of frames shown on deeper 10” shelves (our Cove shelves).  For the more “boutique look”, more shelves are desired in a tighter array (our Cove Boutique shelves). For an illuminate showcasing of frames our Indus shelves are the perfect fit. Displaying frames on any of these styles tend to focus more attention on a single frame at a time, requires a shallower profile of glass and less visible hardware.

Narrowing Down Your Search 
Use the details below to filter and narrow your search for the perfect shelving system!

COVE Glass Shelves 

3 or 4 shelf combinations, our COVE shelves are deeper (10"D) to allow for use of countertop displays along with other marketing materials and to showcase other merchandise along with frames. 

COVE BOUTIQUE Glass Shelves 

5 or 8 shelf combinations, our COVE BOUTIQUE shelves are narrow (7"D) to create a single row of frames boutique feel where your customer will narrow in on just frames, rather than their eye being drawn to other elements. 

INDUS LED Lit Shelves

6 LED lit shelves per panel create an illuminated environment to show color and intricate details of your frame inventory. The lighting elements illuminate the top of the shelf as well as the bottom so no frame will be in shadow. 

All of our panel systems are available in 4 different widths (19.5"W, 21.5"W, 37.5"W, & 45.5"W), the larger of the three 3 sizes we showcase on our website. If you desire a different size than what is featured here please reach out to our customer service team, we are more than happy to help or customize where necessary! (425)883-1650 or email at [email protected] 



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