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Innovative Eyewear & Sunglass Wall Displays

In 1983, Ennco Display helped the optical industry to "get out of the box" with the introduction of our trademarked Hot Rod™ Displays. For the first time, optical eyeglass and sunglass frames were no longer confined to the styles of holders that could only fit into wooden boxes or confined surroundings. Dispensers were free to put frames on walls, posts, window areas and other places that had previously been unthinkable or extremely difficult. This new style of display also allowed the use of new lighting methodologies like track, LED and halogen, and reduced the "shadows" typically created in box style displays. It became obvious in the industry by 1986 that Hot Rods™ were the most effective display methodology when manufacturers that had previously been confined to "the box" began to introduce look alike products. Who says imitation is not the greatest form of flattery?

You can now mount any of our frame display systems to our acrylic panels, wood wall boards, magnetic attachments or any of our custom designed dispensary furniture pieces. We start our design at the most important place…proper holding of the eyeglasses for best presentation! Contact Ennco today for a variety of wall displays, boards, panels, rortaries and other systems for showcasing your optical inventory, including eyeglasses and sunglasses.  We also offer optical space design and architectural services

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