Laminate Panels with Frame Supports and Storage

Storage & Display for Eyewear and Sunglasses

Separating frames by collection, gender or style and combining this with storage and other options has never been simpler.  Our Laminate Panel Systems come with or without lighting options and with or without vertical frame support options if your preferred display method is shelving.  Select from our nine standard colors or from literally thousands of others with our custom color options.  Each option, whether shelving or frame supports, gives you numerous ways to highlight your eyewear.  Our storage/base options allow you to keep cases and extra frames close by as well as giving you and your patients somewhere to sit existing eyewear down while trying on those new eyewear.  Add to all this the options of undercabinet lighting, multiple leg (or no leg) options and separate counter colors and you have a look all your own at prices you would normally get if your options were limited.  With so many choices, don’t be afraid to call us for assistance….we are ready to help.

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