Acrylic Breath Shield 48"W X 36"H

Freestanding, lightweight, clear acrylic barriers that help protect against coughs, sneezes, and other fluid contaminants. This portable yet durable Breath Shield is an easy addition to your everyday business that will create an extra layer of protection for your staff and patients. Sneeze guards are an innovative solution for optical, medical and dental offices, retail stores, and more - and we're proud to be the retailer providing acrylic breath guards to keep your business running smoothly and safely!

  • Made in the USA
  • Clear acrylic is protective while still being inviting
  • Movable and freestanding, does not need to be mounted onto surfaces for use
  • Small pass through section at the base allows for easy exchanges and communications between patient and staff

****As with all standard acrylic materials we do not recommend using alcohol on this surface. For disinfecting please use an acrylic approved cleaner, here is one we recommend Acrylic Cleaner Spray

48"W X 36"H with 10" base



Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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