White Plastic Tray

  • White, glossy, plastic tray
  • Great for storage! 
  • 12, 15 or 18 frame capacity options 
  • Available with or without a wooden base. When adding a wooden base these trays become stackable, without the wooden base the trays nest into each other. 


Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Size Variations: 

  • 12 Frames: 20 1/2"W X 10 1/2"L X 2"H
  • 15 Frames: 20 1/2"W X 12 3/4"L X 2"H
  • 18 Frames: 20 1/2"W X 15 1/4"L X 2"H

Frame Cavity Interior Dimensions: 6"L X 2"W X 1-1/2"H

Plastic thickness: 1.15mm

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