Locking Floating Boxes

The perfect way to divide a room and create shopping "flow" for your customers or grab their attention with a beautiful window display!

  • All boxes have individual locks with one master key to allow easy access for opticians and staff 
  • 3 available configurations (single, double, or triple column)
    • Each column comes with 3 boxes and all hardware needed to install
  • Hardware available in either Cable or 10mm Rod. 
    • Standard length for Cable is 13 feet, but extended cable (up to 16 feet) can be purchased seperately. 
    • Standard length for 10mm rod is 10 feet. We do not recommend for ceilings over 10 feet high.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Single Column: 3 Boxes, 14" W

Double Column: 6 Boxes, 27 5/8" W

Triple Column: 9 Boxes, 41 1/4"

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