Looking good has never been easier than with our Luminato display.  As long as electrical power is available, this moveable unit can function as a freestanding marketing and sales vehicle or as a killer window and product display all at once.  The Luminato unit is designed to be both Euro and High Tech but while offering the coordinating color match to your existing space.  The back lighting on the Alumina rods provides the perfect backdrop for sunglass sales.  The easily changeable lit panel will accommodate your most discriminating artwork printed on 7mil transparencies. 

Kick up your sales with Luminato

  • Freestanding marketing and sales machine
  • Available in locking or non-locking
  • Custom colors available, just contact us when you place your order
    • Color in image is Studio Teak! 
  • Backlit graphic is easily changable, and artwork can be printed on 7mil transparencies! 

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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