Frame Storage Cabinet

A compact and practical presentation and storage cabinet for eyeglass frames with a row of twelve drawers.

  • Each drawer holds a frame tray that is 19.5"W x 16.5"D x 1.5"H, holding 21 frames each
    • This cabinet gives you the ability to store 252 frames (12 drawers with 21 frames per drawer)
  • Available in any of our 9 standard colors, or a custom color of your choosing
    • Shown in maple laminate

See dimensions in the TechSpecs below.


Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Overall Fixture: 24"W X 20"D X 43"H, includes 4" ToeKick 

Dimension of trays inside drawers (12 drawers): 19.5"W X 16.5"D X 1.5"H (holds 21 frames per drawer)

Estimated weight: 185lbs

Color Options: Any of the 9 standard colors below, or custom color upon request!

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