37.5"W Panel + Ice with Storage, Frame Support Package, and LED Bar Light

  • 37.5”W X 87.75”L Laminate Panel (Available in any of our 9 standard colors, or custom color to match your current space!)
    • If custom color is selected we will reach out to you when finalizing the order. 
  • 35.5"W X 55"L Frosted Clear Acrylic Panel
  • Versatile base storage unit mounts directly to the laminate panel 35.5”W X 15”D X 24”H
    • Customizable leg options (floating, toe kick, round or square)
  • High powered LED Bar Light to perfectly illuminate your frames.
    • Power cord will be mounted on very top backside of the panel and the cord is 9'L
  • Frosted Clear accent panel mounts above the acrylic panel for added detail (you can get this customized with logos or graphics) 
  • Choice of any of our most popular frame support package to best suit your needs! 
Wall Panel Color

Please select the desired color of your panel. If you select custom we will reach out to you after the order has been placed to pick the color.

LED Bar Light

This panel comes with a white LED bar light.

Acrylic Ice Panel

Frosted Clear Acrylic Ice Panel

Frame Supports

Choose the desired frame support option to be mounted to your wall panel. Your panel will come with (4) rows across.

Base Storage Style

Select the style of base storage unit you would like to be mounted to your wall panel.

Add Ons

If you would like to customize your system with a different color countertop or attention grabbing cabinet underlighting select the add ons below!

Base Storage Undermounted Lighting Kit Upgrade (US$253.00)
2 Color Countertop for Base Storage Upgrade (US$215.00)
Main Item Price US$ 0.00
Optional Item Price US$ 3,781.00
Price for this Configuration US$ 3,781.00


Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Laminate Panel: 37.5”W X 87.75”L
Acrylic Panel: 35.5”W X 55”L
Base Storage: 35.5”W X 15”D X 24”H
Bar Light: 1700 Lm/ft 29.75W total (30” LED length)

Frame Support Package: Varies based on selection

Alumina Rods (4): 50.12”L
- Non-Locking (15 frames each): 60 frames total
- Locking (15 frames each): 60 frames total

Mino Rods: (4) 49.61”L
- Non-Locking (16 frames each): 64 frames total
- Locking (15 frames each): 60 frames total

Flight Shuttles: (4 rows)
- 16 frames per row: 64 frames total

Seattle Slim Rods: (4) 51”L
- Non-Locking (16 frames each): 64 frames total

Skinny Steel Rods: (4) 51”L
- Non-Locking (16 frames each): 64 frames total

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