Mino Remote Locking Rod

  • Anodized aluminum rods
  • Rubber inset bridge supports
  • Frosted polycarbonate temple supports
  • Mounts directly on walls, panels or in cabinets
  • Suggested rod-to-rod distance: 7.5” 
  • Remote control capable

1 Receiver/Remote can power up to 6 rods

Number of Frames

Select the number of frames you wish to display per rod.

Remote and Receiver

One remote and receiver can power up to 6 rods at one time. For more than 6 rods an additional receiver and remote set is required.

InfraRed Receiver & Remote set (US$625.00)
Main Item Price US$ 0.00
Optional Item Price US$ 483.00
Price for this Configuration US$ 483.00


Tech Specs

Tech Specs



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