Acrylic Wall Panel Mirror 46"L

  • 46" in length with 2 width options available 
    • 19.5"W X 46"L with 14"W X 40"L beveled edge glass mirror 
    • 14"W X 46"L with 8"W X 40"L no bevel edge glass mirror
  • Frosted clear acrylic


Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Tech Specs


  • Acrylic Panel: 19.5"W X 46"L
  • Mirror: 12"W X 40"L (beveled edge)


  • Acrylic Panel: 14"W X 46"L
  • Mirror: 8"W X 40"L (no bevel)

Suggested wall mounting height: 32"H (from finished floor to base of panel)

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