Locking Flight Boxes- 8 Frame

Worried about theft? Try our new locking design for the Flight Box collection, it is sure to grab your patients attention while keeping away grabbing hands!

  • The locking front display prevents theft, but provides a clear view of the frames.  
  • Acrylic top and bottom allows for proper light dispursment while white back panel provides the perfect backdrop to view any frame
  • Customize the outer shell color to any one of our 9 standard colors or a custom color of your choosing
  • 3 configurations available with 8 flight shuttles per box
    • Single Column (3 boxes)- 24 frames total
    • Double Column (6 boxes)- 48 frames total 
    • Triple Column (9 boxes)- 72 frames total
  • Hardware available in either Cable or 10mm Rod. 
    • Standard length for Cable is 13 feet, but extended cable (up to 16 feet) can be purchased seperately. 
    • Standard length for 10mm rod is 10 feet. We do not recommend for ceilings over 10 feet high.
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