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Dr. Mary Jane Healey

Dr. Mary Jane Healey O.D. began her practice design through our Magic Design process with Cy Furman. The unique shape of the space, the vaulted ceilings, and window placements made it quickly apparent that onsite measuring and verifications were going to be required. Dr. Healey worked with our team and SR Company to alter the original design intent to accommodate both the current needs and coordinate a plan for future growth in the event that the next door tenant should move.

Dr. Healey and her husband took a very active role in the selection of finishes, lighting fixtures, and all the more technical aspects of a project of this nature. Given the unique shape of this space, the final product optimized every single inch in very effective ways.

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Ennco provided: Architectural Concept drawings and Space planning, Lighting plans, Space Rendering, Color and Finish selection, Store Fixture and Casework design and build. General construction and installation was by SR Company, Inc.

Display Style: The shape of this space and the traffic flows required a customized approach to the entire project. Frame displays creating freestanding traffic patterns, custom illuminated sunglass showcasing, and our Seattle Slims frame display rods were all part of this unique project.

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