Introducing the EuroROTO Keeper eyewear displays with metal receding locks—one key unlocks the entire rod at once. With a single turn of a key, all the frames on the rod unlock instantly. But the EuroROTO retainers are designed to recede completely into the rod, leaving unhampered access to the eyewear. And when the locks disappear, the rod looks stylishly sleek. Anti-theft protection with choices—revolutionary!

Exclusively ours in the USA and Canada! With great pleasure we introduce the elegant euro line of displays… designed and built in Europe, with sophistication in mind. For a metropolitan boutique, a small town upscale shop, a glitzy mall, or professional office, this is the perfect look. euroROTO™ are elliptical rods of brushed aluminum which employ a small stainless steel peg support and wire wings for frames to rest on… the wire is encased in silicone to protect temples. And because Euro rods display frames more closely together (56mm apart), you can show more frames in a smaller space. Rod size: 12mm wide x 20mm deep.

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